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Best Place For Cheap Flights

best place for cheap flights

    cheap flights
  • A low-cost carrier or low-cost airline (also known as a no-frills, discount or budget carrier or airline) is an airline that generally has lower fares.

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best place for cheap flights - Perky-Pet 7103-2

Perky-Pet 7103-2 Copper Triple Tube Bird Feeder

Perky-Pet 7103-2 Copper Triple Tube Bird Feeder

Top Flight Triple Tube Bird Feeder with integrated dome guard that foils squirrels and protects seed from weather. Features heavy-duty acrylic seed tubes with copper armor on the seed ports to prevent damage from squirrels. Twelve feeding stations. Built-in seed funnel for easy filling. Quick-release seed tray simplifies cleaning. 10 lb seed capacity.

With 12 feeding stations and a special design that keeps squirrels out, this elegant bird feeder is exclusively "for the birds." Made of heavy-duty acrylic and copper, this tube-shaped feeder has a built-in seed funnel and a removable tray-so there's no more spilling the seed all over the lawn. An integrated dome guard foils squirrels and protects seed from weather. The feeder also features acrylic seed tubes with copper- armored ports impervious to vandal squirrels. Measuring 23-1/2 by 12-1/2 by 12-1/2 inches, the feeder holds up to 10 pounds of seed. Covered by a manufacturer lifetime warranty, the feeder arrives ready to hang. --Brian Olson

76% (7)



In the late seventies the bus industry was in a bit of a state of crisis. The rear engined models born of the new bus grant were not really hacking it compared with the earlier front engined buses. Buses were becoming far more complex, due in part to where the engine was now situated, about thirty foot from the driver, the smallest thing could cause them to fail. The Leyland group was having great difficulty in supplying the operating industry with enough spare parts to satisfy the needs of the operating industry. This in the end let foreign competitors in and hastened the demise of Leyland.
With single deckers the situation was slightly different, you could still buy relatively simple machines if you did not want the complexity of say the Leyland National. Rightly or wrongly Ford, Bedford were still producing lightweight chassis as was Bristol (just) with its LH.
So I thought why not give the industry something dead simple like a double deck LH (no don't laugh missus). I thought there might just be enough room to build something like that without it being excessively high.
The Leyland 400 engine was capable of delivering 120bhp, but was wanting in low speed torque. But there again, based on the unladen weight of the single deck LH it should have been possible to keep the weight of a double deck LH to about 6.5 to 6.75 tonnes, so it might have been possible to get away with it. "Renown" has extolled the virtues of the AEC AH505 engine in the past. Providing it could have been made to fit, an avoiding the problems it had when used in the Swift and Reliance, that could have been a better bet.
The best place for a heavy diesel engine, if not at the front has to be between the two axles, giving ideal weight distribution.
Regarding transmission I suppose a normal dry plate clutch and gearbox could have been used or alternatively a SCG semi auto box keeping things nice and simple.
However for a double decker those narrow axles used on the LH would have had to be replaced by propriety 8' axles, but there should have been plenty of offerings in that department.
One thing associated with the engineering of such a beast could have been the tilt test, as the LH chassis was quite light. But I would imagine with a bit of tweaking here and there that could have been adressed satisfactorily
Allthough the LH was a lightweight chassis, a lot of them lasted at long time in service, so durability may not have been a problem.
Being so light I would imagine a fuel consumption of about 10mpg or thereabouts could have been easily achievable, compared with about 7-8mpg from the opposition. The Leyland 400 engine is quite small, but it would have to work quite hard in a double decker albeit a lightweight one.
So there you are really, I have composed a pencil sketch of what such a beast might have looked like. I have given it a flat screen, to try and pinch a few inches for the front entrance. Also because flat screens are a lot cheaper to replace and this bus had it been available would probably appealed to the "penny pinchers" side of the industry.
The idea may not be as daft as it might first appear.

Tiger Place (Hoedong)

Tiger Place (Hoedong)

The Legend of the Sea-Parting Miracle
-The Story of Grandmother Ppong
In 1480, near the beginning of the Joson Dynasty, Son Dong-ji was condemned to exile on Jeju Island. During his voyage to the Island the ship was wrecked during a storm and Son drifted ashore at a place named Hoedong, or Tiger Place because of the many tigers in the area. Son and his descendants lived in Hoedong for over 200 years. Life was hard and villagers were frequently attacked and killed by the tigers. Finally, Son’s descendants took a raft and moved to the nearby island of Modo. However, an elderly woman named Grandmother Ppong was accidentally left behind. The old lady longed to be reunited with her family and prayed for help night and day to the Dragon King of the Sea. Then one night, early in March, the Dragon King appeared to her in a dream and told her to cross the sea by walking on the rainbow that he would provide for her. When she awoke she ran to the sea and once again prayed to the Dragon King. Immediately, a rainbow-shaped opening appeared in the water between Hoedong and Modo. Grandmother Ppong started over the rainbow path, but the exertion was too much for her and she collapsed. Her family, crossing the rainbow from the other side, found her and as she died in their arms, she said, “I am happy because the Dragon King has reunited me with my family.” The people of Jindo Island still perform the annual ritual in remembrance of the sea-parting miracle and Grandmother Ppong. Many come here to pray for their children and the people hope that their wishes come true.

best place for cheap flights

best place for cheap flights

Nerf N-Strike Firefly REV-8

Go Nerf at night! Take your battle into the darkness with the N-Strike Firefly Rev-8! Now you can take aim at your opponent anytime, anywhere... even at night! Launch glowing Nerf darts from up to 30 feet away! The rotating barrel holds up to eight darts- just pull back to power up, squeeze the trigger, and fire! Blast away and watch the barrel burst with light as you send glowing darts flying through the night! Requires 2 'AA' batteries (not included). Blaster comes with eight glow darts, label sheet and instructions. Nerf N-Strike Firefly Rev-8 Gun comes in blue or yellow. Speical requests cannot be accepted at this time. Item is packed randomly.

Don’t let something as inconsequential as nightfall or even total darkness stop you from having fun shooting Nerf projectiles all over the place. This Nerf weapon is built for nighttime maneuvers, featuring eight glow-in-the-dark darts that can either be loaded up for rapid fire or stored on the back of the weapon for later use. Some parts light up with a soft glow thanks to a pair of AA batteries that are required but not included. The batteries don’t effect the gun’s charging, which is still done by pump action. The range of the projectiles didn’t quite reach 30 feet as promised on the box but we still had an awful lot of fun shooting Nerf darts across a darkened room. --Charlie Williams

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